Comprehensive Structural Mechanical RI Home Inspections for Real Estate Purchase or Sale

A Rhode Island home inspection performed by me, a CMI, is a thorough detailed visual inspection and description of all systems of the property: exterior, site, roof, structural components, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems, electrical, kitchen appliances, as well as interior areas of the premises. I provide detailed RI home inspection reports including pictures and narratives to give you all information you’ll need to make a informed purchase/sale decisions. My home inspection reports are sent directly to you (and anyone else you like, perhaps your real estate agent) the same day!

RI buyers home inspection benefits:

  • Inspection includes all structural areas (foundation, floor, walls, attic, accessible crawlspaces, and roof structure)
  • Exterior and site (roof, siding, windows, doors, decks, safety, site grading)
  • Interior (walls, doors windows, lights, stairs, safety items, fixtures, and cabinetry)
  • All mechanicals (Heat, AC, Electrical, Plumbing, fixtures, and kitchen appliances)
  • Pest inspection, including wood destroying insects
  • We test all stained or suspect areas with a moisture meter to determine is stains are active leaks
  • We visually look for biological growth (mold), as well as conditions likely to result in mold.
  • You are informed about the purchase home, and the condition it’s in.
  • You have an inspection performed by a Certified Master Inspector
  • You will receive free RecallChek service.
  • You’ll have a 90 Day Warranty, for added protection and peace of mind
  • You get a free copy of “Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection” home maintenance book.
  • I will inform you about maintenance and informational items in the home, as well as defects.
  • Your report, provided to you electronically the same day, leaves time for negotiation in the contingency period.
  • You will not buy a home and be surprised by unexpected defects needing immediate attention or costing large sums of money to remedy.
  • My Reports Exceed all industry standards.
  • My reports are typically 40 or more pages and include 70+ photos.
  • My narratives are typed in sentence form for the most complete understanding. You can always call for clarification.
  • I will provide you access to my trusted vendor list for repairs and services you may need as a new home owner. You can call or e-mail any time, I can give you their number or have one them call you. I know contractors in ell aspects from plumbers, to electricians, builders, and handymen. I receive no compensation for referrals.
  • If you intend on a security system purchase, you will get the best pricing from a partnered company.
I have training in the identification of pest infestation. I can identify various types if wood destroying organisms (WDO), and their presence. I can help determine if damage from WDO is from a former infestation, that has been treated, or a likely current infestation. I’ll also identify presence of signs from rodent and other infestation. This inspection is, not only noted in your detailed inspection report, but you’ll get the form required by many lenders (form Form NPMA-33) as proof of this service and findings.
Radon is a cancer-causing radioactive gas. I test for radon gas in your home by using a 48 hour test device, a continuous radon monitor. This test equipment monitors the radon levels in the air every hour for the EPA required 48 hour minimum period. The big advantage is this: I get results to you the day the testing stops. For more information on radon inspections, please visit my radon page.
If you have well water, radon can be in the water. Although not considered a drinking hazard, radon can disperse from the water into the home, becoming radon gas. We can draw a sample to test the radon level in the water, and help determine what impace it can have on the radon gas levels in the home. 
Septic: Homes that are not connected to public waste water (sewer) should have the septic system inspected by a licensed septic inspector. I refer you to a list of qualified pros, I do not perform this portion myself. You call them and book them after you book me.

Well: Homes that have private water supply (well) should be inspected. You want to be certain the integrity of the well is good, you have enough water, a good refresh rate, and the water quality is good. I refer this item out as well.

Why don’t I do it? There are good reasons:

  • You want a specialist, an expert in this area, not an inspector who is trying to add to his fee, who might not be as knowledgeable in this area.
  • Many inspectors who will do it, only sub it out anyway. If there’s a problem, you don’t even know who to call, your inspector will defer to the sub contractor etc… You don’t need the run-around.
  • If a home inspector subs out the work, he is also making profit on it, that you pay for.
  • There’s only so much one guy can be an expert on.
  • I don’t carry all the equipment, insurance or license for these items.
  • If I did all these services (I suppose I could learn), I’d be there all day; it just doesn’t make sense.
Often overlooked, there can be various hazards in the water we drink, even from public water supplies. These can be bacteria, lead and other heavy metals, and chemical issues such as nitrate levels, and e-coli. These items are all able to be remedied with various water purification systems. Your private water (well) inspector can typically do this sampling for you. Water samples are taken, chilled and shipped cold overnight directly to the lab.
I can return and check that the seller, prior to the closing, addressed items properly. Price will vary depending on the scope, our typical fee is $150-$200.
Many RI home sellers will have a pre-listing home inspection done by me. I can help you decide an appropriate course of action. But most importantly you can handle any items on your schedule and not be surprised by findings from your buyers home inspector.
RI sellers home inspection benefits:MoveInCertified-jpg

  • If the home has no major defects, I can certify it as “Move In Certified™”
  • Your report will be ready the same day as the home inspection.
  • You can address items that need repair. you can either fix items or have the time to get estimates with notice and not be gouged on price to repair because you need it done in the tight time frame of your real estate closing.
  • On larger items, it may be beneficial to just disclose the item, that way you have options, the buyer already knows about it and is less likely to ask for a consideration, or put the funds to repair it in escrow with the transaction and handle it that way.
  • Your home will be ready for the inspection, I’ll let you know what to do to make it easier (put new light bulbs in so you don’t have a discrepancy for a bad light)
  • I will provide you with repair guidance and a vendor list of my trusted vendors/contractors at your request who can address any issues you have with the utmost care and professionalism. As I’m acting as a consultant, i can speak more freely about repairs you may want to do.
  • I will answer my phone for issues regarding your inspection response.
  • Your buyers inspection is much less likely to have surprises.
  • You become a client for life!

Your real estate agent benefits as well.

  • Move in Certified™ homes market much better, offers generally come in higher.
  • The sale is much more likely to go smoothly because we’ve addressed/disclosed the issues first.
  • Deals are typically not killed by defects, or home inspectors, they are killed by undisclosed/surprise defects.
Comprehensive RI Lead Inspection – This is an inspection done in compliance with RI Department of Health Regulation 23-24.6 Pb. During this inspection an Environmental Lead Inspector conducts a room by room, substrate by substrate evaluation. During the inspection the inspector takes water, dust, soil and paint sampling. This report must be conducted in order to receive a Lead Safe or lead Free Certificate. The inspection yields a 15 – 20 page report consisting of one page for each room. This inspection is utilized by Daycares, HUD projects, rental units with a child that has an elevated lead level and a pre-1978 property owner looking to receive the $5,000 per unit RI Lead Removal/Abatement Tax Credit.

(note: I schedule these for clients, with a licensed lead inspector. I do not carry the license or perform lead inspections)

The 203K loan program is designed to roll cost of repair of the home you’re purchasing in with the purchase price for one mortgage payment. This Process includes a consultation with me, and your contractor. The I can provide monthly draw inspections to release funds to the contractor to keep work going as portions of the project reach completion. I also provide the final inspection to release final funds upon project completion. If I’m inspecting your new home for buyers and 203K consulting, the initial consultation is discounted as I’ve already seen the house. I’ll still need to consult with your contractor while he develops his specification of repairs sheet.
If you require lab samples for mold testing, we can refer you to someone to perform this service. We don’t get many requests for this service, it doesn’t make sense for us to stock lab kits that will mostly expire before we can use them. We can consult on mold as well as visually identify it in most cases.

These home inspections are ideal for what Rhode Island natives call “snow birds” will need. For folks that go south for the winter we can come back each spring to evaluate the status of your Rhode Island home. This can also be a good idea for folks who stay year round, and a check up can often avoid a surprise expense. We can notice a small problem before it causes a big amount of damage. An ounce of prevention can be more valuable than a pound of cure. This inspection is less expansive and covers the main systems only. Also called the 4-point inspection, general, roof, exterior, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and safety concerns. As its not a new home, testing each little thing, doors, windows, toilets, etc… is not necessary as the home owner would already be aware of such issues. These can be tailored to exactly what each individual client requests. Generally this is less formal and often does not require a written report. A general inspection is recommended as the initial inspection. Then we move to this annually. Usually about $100 less than standard pricing.

A simple home inspection inspection detailing the basic condition of a property. This is suited for landlords to see how tenants left the rental property. Also a bank can get an idea of the condition of foreclosed property. Price varies depending on exact scope.
Rhode Island home inspections can be for many or one reason only. I can be hired to inspect the safety of exterior decks, or just check one or two facets of a facility or home that are of concern. Kind of an a-la-cart home inspection. This can be an office place safety inspection, a second opinion of the life of your roof, etc… If your insurance company wants an item, such as a roof, evaluated, we can help with documenting this as well. Pricing varies depending on exact scope.
Great location for my business, can the building support the needs of my company? Water, Electrical, Structural? Is the building in good shape, we cant afford to move in and have costly repairs. Only one way to know for sure.

All the detail of the standard home inspection but used for commercial property purchases. This is important to see if the building systems are intact, like a home inspection. It is also important to see that they will support your business. Just because there’s enough space does not mean the electrical, water, ventilation systems, etc…are adequate for your company. Call for pricing. My commercial standard operating practice can be viewed here.