I’m ONLY a RI Home Inspector

This sound simple. I’m a full time home inspector. I’m not a contractor, exterminator, HVAC guy, or handy man who dabbles in home inspections when work is slow. You want someone who is dedicated to this profession. Its also important that, this is my job, so I schedule work as part of it, not around another schedule (like a contractor filling in spaces between his “more important clients”) allowing me to be more flexible than a part timer. This being the case, I have nothing to gain by finding extra defects (a contractor may find defects, and give you a quote to repair the items, that can be a conflict). My interest is getting you accurate information.


I care and take pride in my work as a RI home inspector. I provide an outstanding service to my clients and am a valuable asset to the Realtors that refer me to their clients. If it is a big deal, I identify it. If not, I explain it as such. The most important thing is the honest, unbiased opinion. I don’t find things that aren’t really there to justify my fee, and I don’t miss things that are there. I continuously pursue education to remain up to date on new technologies, procedures, and techniques. I have also never paid to be on a preferred vendor list.

Superior Product

I provide quality home inspection reports containing detailed narratives and photos of discrepancies and defects. I typically exceed the traditional expectations of a home inspector. I look for reasons to inspect everything, not reasons to disclaim everything.


We arrive on time or early, no wasting time. Home Inspection reports are delivered the same day.

Team Concept

We have a 2 man inspection team, providing the best service is a shorter time frame. There’s no wasted time, and you get the best service possible.

Superior Service

I answer my own phone nearly every time it rings. I know it seems simple, but when you call, I answer. Not some secretary or answering service. You get me! I can answer whatever questions you have. I can book an appointment on the spot and give you the information you need right away. In the rare case I can’t answer, I will call you back as soon as possible! Most real estate transactions have deadlines. You need answers about your home inspection report, or you need to get me booked ASAP and you can’t wait. That’s why I answer my phone, even while I’m performing a home inspection. You become a client for life!


Prompt call returning, and no pressure quotes over the phone. I treat you and your family like I’d want my family treated.

My Network of Professionals

Any of my clients or referring Real Estate Agents can call me for access to my network of professionals. I know loads of folks, in many professionals from contractors, legal, business, etc. I trust them with my home and family. If you need help with something you can always contact me for a referral to someone in my network with the same standards of professionalism and integrity I adhere to.

Free Home Inspection Book

Now That You've Had a Home Inspection Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection
I include a free hard copy of a great book for home owners, to all my clients. “Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection” This book contains loads of great information on how your home works, maintenance items, and energy savings ideas. It’s 100 pages, and yours to keep.