MoveInCertified-jpgWhat is Move in Certified™?

One of the biggest hurdles in a real estate transaction can be the buyers inspection reaction. It’s at this time when the buyer and seller can be surprised by the findings. These surprise items can lead to more intense re-negotiations.

What can we do to avoid this? If the home is inspected by the seller, prior to listing the home, issues can be recognized and remedied or disclosed. If the home is inspected or “pre-inspected” and found to have no major deficiencies, I can certify the home as “Move in Certified™”. This designation can smooth out  the sale process, and help a potential buyer feel more assured that the property was inspected by  Certified Master Inspector, and ready to safely move their family in. This designation is a real marketing asset for homes in good condition.

What if the home does have some major items or safety concerns? In this case, I can’t certify it as move in certified, but items can be addressed or disclosed prior to listing the home, just the same. Disclosed items aren’t surprise items, they are considered to be part of the initial negotiated price and don’t come up after the buyer has the home inspected. No surprises, means a smoother inspection reaction.

What is the pre-inspection like? This inspection is exactly the same inspection I’d do for a home buyer client. This way, everything that will come up, certainly the big items, will be found by me, before the buyers inspector even arrives. The report is the same report, the seller just uses the knowledge to negotiate from a better position, knowledge is power.

How much does the pre-inspection cost? The fee is calculated the same way my buyers inspection is done. Starting at $350. Call for a quote.

Consider having your listed property pre inspected for a better experience during the real estate transaction. Many sellers even print the report and have it out for buyers to look at during walk a through or open house. I can even provide a Move in Certified letter, on my letterhead for marketing. I can have it professionally printed, high-resolution, spiral bound, covered in book form for presentation at your open house or for other marketing purposes for an added  $30 fee. The book really makes an impact.