Rhode Island Home Inspection Report Sample

A Rhode Island home inspection report provided by Patriot Property Inspections is meant to be a detailed, thorough description of the property and its condition on inspection day, yet be simple and easy to read.

  • You’ll notice, I’m proud of my report and not worried to show you the product in advance.
  • The photos are about 4 to a standard page, most inspectors have much, smaller photos (many shrink them to 1.5 inch squares, if they have any at all).
  • I use a narrative style, not just a simple checklist.
  • The narratives give plenty of detail, not simple “this is broken, further evaluation required”.
  • Ages of systems are identified (HVAC, water heater).
  • There is information about the home, not only defects.
  • The format is easy to skim through if you need to go back and find something.
  • It includes a summary for your reference.
  • It may be lengthy, 40+ pages, but you DO pay me for my attention to detail on your home, right?
  • It’s published electronically, no paper report (I can produce a hard copy, if you require it, there is a printing fee).

The reports are sent via e-mail and can be easily downloaded as PDF files. I can forward a copy to your real estate agent as well. I format it system by system and include lots of pictures. I’ve included a sample for you to review to get an idea of the product you’ll get.

This report is only a sample, not an actual report as actual reports are for the client only and not shared without consent. This report is a compilation of items, findings, and information that may be found in an actual inspection report. These are samples from several different homes.

Download Sample Report