How do I Schedule my Home Inspection?

The process is as follows:

1. You call me 401-578-4878, tell me a bit about the home in Rhode Island. I’ll need information: the square footage, age, if there are detached out buildings, garage, foundation type (basement, slab, crawlspace), number of families. We can discuss weather or not you want to take advantage of other services I offer, like radon testing, or pest inspections (I can perform the required inspections for VA and FHA loans), mold inspection, water sampling (also FHA approved). I give you the price. I’ll take the time to answer all your questions and address any concerns you may have. We can discus schedule and pick an appointment date and time. I’ll need your info, e-mail, name, phone number, address of the home to be inspected. At this point you may need to contact your realtor to verify the house can be available for us, if that’s the case, I’ll pencil you in but wait for confirmation. You can e-mail, but a call is likely quicker. This is a quick, easy, no-pressure, call!

2. Once confirmed, I send you an-e-mail link to the pre-inspection agreement which you electronically sign. Note, your appointment is not 100% secure until the agreement is signed. This will verify the RI home inspection info, such as appointment date, time, address of home to be inspected, services I’ll perform, and fee.

3. We arrive on time (most likely early), collect payment and perform the inspection it may take a couple hours to perform. With my 2 man inspection team system, typically less than 2. I do not limit the time you receive on an RI home inspection; I ensure we’re as thorough as possible, every time, regardless of the time it takes. After I’ve collected all my data, I will answer any questions, or point out the major findings with you present.

4. You receive an e-mail within hours with a link to download the report for material defects/findings. It will likely be several pages (30-45 on average). The report may contain informational comments on the home, and defect comments about the home. Your home inspection report will also include all pictures taken on site. I can forward this report to others as well, like your real estate agent, if you like.

5. Test results (water, or mold, for example) will not be ready quite that fast but we forward them as soon as I get them usually in 2-3 days from when the lab receives the samples. I send all samples to the lab with guaranteed next day shipping. Radon gas results take 2 days, the equipment stays in the home for a minimum of 48 hours, your result is sent by e-mail the day I retrieve the machine.

6. Other ancillary services may have reports and forms on different software and may come as separate e-mails.

Client For Life

Post inspection, if there are any questions you can call me. Once you hire me and become a client, you are always considered a client to me, even after the sale and closing. I will certainly continue to provide service at a high level.

I also have a network of other service professionals in Rhode Island who are trusted and provide top-notch service, I can refer you to for any needs you may have. Feel free to call or e-mail, even if it’s for simple advice or the phone number of a good painter, plumber, electrician, or carpet guy, etc…