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So, what makes a good service professional?

As an RI home inspector and Certified Master Inspector, I provide outstanding service every time out. I arrive on time, typically early. My inspection reports always go out the same day as the inspection. I answer the phone. I provide outstanding customer service and support to my clients and Realtors who work with me, even after the inspection or after the home sale closes. I am educated and continue my education constantly to stay on top of changes in my industry.

I’m the featured home inspection expert of “The Round Table, with Emilio DiSpirito”, RI’s premier real estate radio program. I’ve partnered with the Real Estate Radio Network. As an authority in both home inspections and outstanding client service. Top-notch responsiveness and professionalism to my clients and other real estate professionals alike. Working as part of the clients team in concert with their other professionals, makes me a great choice for your referral. Many times this willingness to properly communicate can be the difference in an outstanding buying or selling experience or a real grind for our clients.

I have all the tools and gear to give the best possible inspection. I use a software that makes my reports look nice and easy to sort through, it also creates the reports in a timely manner, clients get them the same day as the inspection. I test for Radon Gas using continuous radon monitors for fast accurate results. I work with a quality lab to get accurate results in a timely manner for Mold testing. I have a network of quality tradesman, home financing, real estate, and legal professionals to help my clients work with e network of the best.

Basically, my strengths become your strengths, and vice verse.