Why Refer Your Clients to Me For Their RI Home Inspection?

I’m a Certified Master Inspector (CMI)

For starters, I’m a Certified Master Inspector, that says it all. There are only 5 CMI’s in RI.In addition to understanding the condition of the home, I’m a master at my profession. This is the highest designation in the home inspection industry. It requires completion of over 1000 inspections, background checks, and that I operate at the highest ethical standard. CMI is the elite in home inspectors!

I use a Home Inspection Team

We show up and perform the home inspection as a team. We’re more effective, more efficient, and get the inspection done in considerably less time. I write the report while my helper drives to the next inspection. Most inspections require less than 2 hours on site.

You are included in marketing with RecallTrak & RecallChek

Your information can be uploaded into the system I use for tracking recalls. Your logo, contact information, and photo is included at the top of the monthly letter to my clients that you represented.

Communication Skills

I am adept at communicating the conditions found to the client and agent. There is a way to describe the home that conveys defects and the gravity of each one without unnecessarily alarming folks. Certainly some items are severe, and they get that weight, others aren’t so they don’t.

Fast Report Turn Around time

I provide RI home inspection reports including all pictures and narrative in an easy to read format. Our client will receive the report, in most cases, the same day. They receive an e-mail with a link to download it directly from my software provider. With their permission, you can get the same link as well. When we use the team system, I write the report between inspections most times.

I answer your call

I try to answer all calls, even during home inspections. Agents, buyers, and sellers alike should not have to wait. It is always me, no secretary or answering service. You need questions answered and appointments booked, and you can’t wait all day for a call back. If, for some reason I can not answer, I call back very promptly.

 My insurance protects you, and your clients!

Not only is the investment protected by a thorough inspection, but I’m FULLY INSURED! As a matter of fact, my insurance offers indemnification to real estate professionals who refer me to their clients. You are fully protected, and I take the liability!

Register at www.NACHI.org/agent-indemnification for $10,000 in added protection FREE! Free protection for licensed real estate agents referring NACHI inspectors.


I take my time and provide the quality home inspection our client is paying for.

No stress home inspection process!

I am always early. I get there early and begin the outside portion of the home inspection. Often times i can summarize it to our client when they arrive. This saves you, our client, and me, time. We go inside, I inspect everything and give our client a sense of the overall condition of the dwelling. I will not insert drama to my profession. I will simply state whats there and how important it is. I turn around my home inspection reports in many cases the same day. No need to slow down your portion of the process.

First time home buyer friendly

First time home buyers often are unaware of what home ownership means. What kind of maintenance things will require, what they can and can’t work on in their own home, or who to call for what service they may need in the future. They often have no idea what things cost, I can help ease them in to these ideas and help them understand many issues associated with this investment.

It is what it is.

I will always find defects. There has not been a perfect house yet. I will accurately portray them. Every item in the home inspection report isn’t earth shattering and I won’t present it as such. On the other hand if an item is a big deal, I will emphasize it appropriately. I’m not there to kill your deal, but I’m not there to gloss over things just to make “the home pass inspection” either.

My clients (our clients) are clients for life.

I always answer my phone or at least return all calls promptly to address concerns you or your client may have. This includes prior to the home inspection, during the inspection, after the inspection, and even after closing.