Fire Safety

Are there smoke/CO detectors where you need them? You should check batteries each time you change the clocks for daylight savings. Do you have an evacuation plan, especially important for kids. With your plan, make sure to plan for your own escape abilities. If you cant climb out a window, you’ll need to plan another route. Are there fire extinguishers in your home? Are they easy to find and deploy? You should check the gauge on them when you test the batteries in detectors, they do not last forever.

Child Safety

Are there safety gates to prevent small children from accessing stairs? Are cupboards containing dangers child safety locked? Are there outlet covers on all electric receptacles? Is the ceiling fan too close to the top bunk if kids share a bed room? Check baluster spacing on rails (should be 4 inches or less). A good Idea (I learned this from my mother who ran a daycare for nearly 20 years), get down on all fours and crawl around, that’s what your little one sees. Get his perspective and you’ll find things to protect him from easier.

Pool Safety

Ensure any pool is fenced in. Ensure any electric outlets near pool are GFCI protected. Keep pool chemicals out of reach of kids and pets. In cases that the pool is in your yard, and not separately fenced in, do you have removable stars or ladder to prevent small children from entering the pool. Depth should be marked and no diving posted as needed.

Hand Rails

It sounds like the obvious, but having hand rails on any set of 3 steps or greater is a good rule to go by. Not only having a rail, but a sturdy rail. A loose rail is actually worse than none at all, because you’ll grab a loose rail, think you are good and still go for a spill.

Winter Safety

Be ready for inclement weather. Have the shovel out before it snows. Also a bucket of Ice Melt/salt by the door is another good idea. Having those items in the garage buried in the back of the shed when we get 2 feet of snow will only make things difficult. While we’re on the subject if you have a snow blower, fire it up in late October or so before the snow, so you know it works and doesn’t need service.

Pet Safety

Of course you want your pets to be safe. Limit access to areas where you store chemicals, like garage or shed. dogs will drink anti freeze. If they are on a lead in the yard ensure it cant snag on something, and they cant reach your fence. if he jumps over and just makes it, bad news for Fido. In addition to safety, security is important. Is your fence capable of keeping your dog in the yard? If your dog gets out and bites someone or even another dog, the laws in RI can be very harsh.