The Rhode Island Home Inspection Process

OK, you are about to buy a home in Rhode Island; the process is exciting. You have decided to make an offer and it has been accepted, based on your Rhode Island home inspection. You need a RI home inspection and results fast, you typically only have 10 days!

Easy does it, are you an experienced buyer or is this your first home? An experienced buyer may have slightly less anxiety right about now. Thankfully you called me, a Certified Master Inspector, to inspect your (hopefully) new Rhode Island home.  I am first time buyer friendly, and can help you with the ins and outs of home ownership. What to expect as a home owner, etc.

The Process is as Follows:

1. You request and schedule an inspection, via e-mail or phone call. You should call as e-mails back and fourth requesting different times based on who’s available when can waste time. But I respond to e-mail. We agree on a time and I give you a low pressure  price quote over the phone. I take down all the details and your information.

2. I send you an-e-mail link to the pre-inspection agreement which you electronically sign. Note, your  appointment is not 100% secure until the agreement is signed. This form includes your address, the address to be inspected, your e-mail, and the appointment date, time and price. Please double check everything here.

3. I arrive on time (most likely early), collect payment and perform the inspection it may take 2-4 hours to perform, or possibly more if there are many defects to report. I do not limit the time you receive on an RI home inspection; I ensure I’m as thorough as possible, every time, regardless of the time it takes. Before I leave there’s time for you to ask me any questions, I will also give you a verbal summary of the more noteworthy findings. You do not have to be present, it all ends up in my report, and you can always call me after if you need clarification.

4. You receive an e-mail the same day, with a link to download the report for material defects/findings. It will likely be several pages.

  • We also offer optional book form report. The report can be spiral bound, printed in high-resolution from a printer, covered, and sent directly to you for an added fee of $30.

5. Lab results or radon gas test results will not be ready quite that fast but we forward them as soon as we get them usually in a couple days. Along with the lab or radon test  results, I’ll give you an interpretation of the findings.

6. You get the house and now want to address some of the issues with the home, and you forgot what I said. You call me and ask! Please, you are a client for life.