Providing RI Home Inspections Since 2007

Mission Statement

Patriot Property Inspections performs  the very best RI Home Inspections for property buyers, sellers, and owners. Mike Auger, CMI is the consummate professional RI home inspector! We’re always striving to exceed customer expectations. Every client will receive outstanding service no matter if it is a small basic radon gas test, or the largest full home inspection. We enjoy what we do and it shows. By not cutting corners, and always providing accurate and detailed reports in a timely manner, our reputation as professional RI home and property inspectors only grows stronger.

Preforming at the highest ethical and technical standards, Patriot Property Inspections strives to build relationships with other like minded professionals and organizations. Solidifying this network will increase the services I can provide to my customers, and improve the inspection industry as a whole.

Individuals and organizations will not hesitate to refer the very best inspection company when the opportunity arises.

Company History

This company was formed after my tours in the US Air Force. I served our nation 9 years and was honorably discharged form service. While serving, I took advantage of my education benefits and earned my degree in electronics engineering. After the military, I decided I would work for myself. I continued to work as a tradesman, in construction and later property maintenance. After years of experience in construction and maintenance/repair, one thing became apparent, many property owners and investors were getting into situations with large property investments and being hit with unexpected and costly repairs. Many times it was because they bought property or owned property that did not have a quality inspection so they were unaware of conditions until the damage was done, or after the purchase.That is simply too late.

Then the old adage kind if hit me, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. True! My RI home inspection business was born in 2007! I was already performing home inspections mixed in with the contracting work, but I decided to go full time inspecting houses. I can help buyers (you) from getting into trouble. Not prevent the problems from old failing systems or neglected areas of the property, but inform you as to what you’re are looking at. Then you can make a more educated decision on the property and course of action. Should you buy it, if so are there big ticket items to budget for? I can even provide periodic inspections to property owners to bring attention to a small issue before it becomes a big issue.

As a veteran, I bring a tenacious attention to detail to all my work, as I bring to all aspects of my life. In my early adulthood, the military ingrained a strong set or core values and work ethic into my own moral fiber. I have found an opportunity to allow you to benefit from this in hiring me to inspect your largest investment, your Rhode Island real estate, and Rhode Island home.