We show up as a 2 man team, this has many advantages my competitors can not offer.

There are many multi inspector companies out there, but you typically get one inspector at your inspection, sometimes good, sometimes not. Do you benefit from this company? NO.

My company uses 2 home inspectors to inspect one house. This system does have advantages to you, the buyer:

The biggest issue with typical multi inspector firms, is quality control. My way has me on site for all inspections. This way, I see every house and you get the guy you wanted when you called my company inspecting your home. When you hire a company to inspect your biggest investment, do you want the guy who’s just OK? No you want the guy who cares and is outstanding.

With two inspectors, we are more likely to see every item, and have 2 chances to see the entire property. 4 eyes are better than two.

A one man inspection can take 3-5 hours for an average inspection. Having 2 guys, gets our average to 1-2 hours on site. Its a combination of 2 guys documenting, less trips while you wait for me to get equipment like ladders. We can help each other get to those hard to access areas like attics and roofs, gaining better, easier, and faster access. Systems we have create more efficiency, less changing tools and test equipment as we move through the house, especially the interior.

While Steve drives, I write your inspection report, many times you get the report within an hour or so of the inspection. This way you can start taking action regarding our findings. No one wants to wat days for the inspection report, your contingency period is ticking away.

With a 2 man team, we have shorter time on site, giving us the opportunity to inspect more houses each day. How does this help? Its easier to get us there the day you’d prefer, inside your inspection contingency period. Additionally, its easier to miss an hour and a half of work, than to have to take the whole day out for your home inspection.

After you get your report, if you call or email with a question, I can answer it. Another benefit of me being at every inspection.