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Auger Enterprises Inc.Hello Real Estate Professional Friends,

I’m introducing a new concept in our area…

Home Inspections as a 2-man team!

I’ve started it already at the beginning of February, its going very well, and were getting great feedback!

The only way to grow and accommodate the high volumes of inspections I’m asked to perform is to add manpower. Other companies do this too but they still send one inspector to each house. Their way is flawed. You might get he inspector you like, maybe not. The client and Realtors don’t benefit, you’re still there the same time, and paying the same fees, if not more. Your after-inspection service is likely worse because when you call, you won’t get a person who was actually at your inspection.

My system has me and a helper on site for each inspection. Why is this better?

  • You get me at every inspection, so you are getting the inspector you want every time.
    • Me being on each inspection, gives me familiarity if you have questions later on.
    • Me being on site allows me to keep the quality of service high.
  • 2 guys in one house gives you 2 sets of eyes on the inspection.
  • 2 guys spend similar man-hours, but we work more efficiently, and spend much less time on site.
  • Faster inspections means we can get to more in a day, and have a more accommodating schedule for our clients and referral partners.
  • My assistant drives to the next inspection, while I write the report rom the road, even faster turn around times on your report.

I’m looking forward to seeing you again in 2015!

Mike Auger, CMICMI+Logo125



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