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OK, looks like spring is on it’s way in, FINALLY!

This is a great time to take a walk around your home and survey the effects of winter. Snow, salt, snow, and freezing temperatures cause havoc on your homes exterior systems. Some things to check out are:

Siding: Is your siding or trim damaged, rotted, or pulling away? A small repair now can save huge money down the road. Water and pests can easily enter through the smallest of spaces.

Painted areas: not only the siding but painted areas of stairs and decks need your attention too. Again a bit of maintenance here is crucial to long lifespan of your homes exterior features.

Walk Surfaces: The freezing weather can cause upheavals and tripping hazards.

Gutters: Ice and heavy snow can damage or disconnect gutters and downspouts from your home. Improperly functioning gutters can damage the fascia and soffit, or cause water to be improperly diverted and end up in your basement. Typically a simple fix, don’t let this ruin other items in your home.

Vegetation: We had heavy snow this winter, there may be branches that have been broken and not yet fallen down, this is a safety concern to people and your home. Look at the trees as well.

Roof: Have a look at your roof (from the ground), are the shingles deteriorating or curling up, or even missing. Most folks don’t look until the ceiling becomes stained.

Snow blower: If you have a snow blower, prior to packing it up for the next several months, remember to do it right, put fuel stabilizer in the gas tank etc…you’ll be glad you did next winter.

Heater/boiler: Do you have it serviced annually? Are you looking at a replacement? I know winter is over, but doing this in warm weather is much easier to schedule, and doing it before your unit dies in December and leaves your family freezing, is slightly less stressful. Just plan accordingly on this one.

Last, but not least, when your friend, family member, or co-worker is talking about buying a home this year, please keep me in mind. you van visit online at


Mike Auger, Certified Master Inspector


RI Home Inspector


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