In Rhode Island, Lead Paint Inspections are Often Needed

I can schedule your lead inspection in conjunction with my home inspection.
I bring in a licensed lead inspection company.

In Rhode Island we have many older homes. Until 1978, lead was used in all paint products, as well as other areas of the home. It is important to know if lead exists in the home, especially if you have children, or tenants.

Why did they paint with lead?
Honestly, it made the paint harder and adhere better to surfaces than any additive they had at the time. The hazard was also not known years ago.

Another area of concern is older windows. The rope and pulley counter weights present significant hazard, the weight is lead in almost all cases.

If not detected children with high lead levels can suffer from damage to the brain and nervous system, behavior and learning problems, slow growth and hearing problems. Lead is also harmful to adults. Adults can suffer from difficulties during pregnancy, high blood pressure, digestive problems and memory and concentration problems.

Symptoms of lead poisoning at first can easily be mistaken for a cold or the flu. Exposure to lead hazards can cause fatigue, sleep problems, dizziness, irritability, nervousness, headaches, depression, hyperactivity, wrist or foot drop, joint and muscle pain, loss of appetite and stomachaches.

I’ve heard that as long as there is no peeling paint, I’m OK. is that true?
Well, kind of…Lead based paint, if encapsulated doesn’t present an immediate hazard. The issues are as follows:

  • Any area of paint that wears down like rubbing doors and windows will wear away the newer layer and rub the older lead paint creating lead dust.
  • Any visible peeling paint already has a potential exposure hazard.
  • The older windows with counter weights present with the rope and pulley sash, as stated above, create lead dust as well.
  • If the old paint is encapsulated and you do any renovations, you could unknowingly expose your family to the hidden hazard of lead below the surface.

This inspection, will make you aware of lead, even if it is beneath the surface. The technician uses equipment, an XRF gun, to take readings of all areas of the home. You get a room-by-room, report. The technician also informs you of any current exposure hazard.

Comprehensive RI Lead Inspection

This is an inspection done in compliance with RI Department of Health Regulation 23-24.6 Pb. During this inspection an Environmental Lead Inspector conducts a room by room, substrate by substrate evaluation. During the inspection the inspector takes water, dust, soil and paint sampling. This report must be conducted in order to receive a Lead Safe or lead Free Certificate. The inspection yields a 15 – 20 page report consisting of one page for each room. This inspection is utilized by Daycares, HUD projects, rental units with a child that has an elevated lead level and a pre-1978 property owner looking to receive the $5,000 per unit RI Lead Removal/Abatement Tax Credit.

If you will be a landlord, especially renting to section 8 tenants, you will also be required to get lead safe certificates, before each tenant. I don’t schedule these.

I can schedule the inspection, but you pay the lead inspection company directly. That way, you get the best inspection service. You can know who was in your home, and have their information should you have any questions about their area of expertise. If I sub it out, then I have to get the report for you, and if you have a question, I have to call and ask them, etc… its better for you to work with them directly. I merely schedule it for you as a convenience.