As a realtor, you want two things:

a happy client & a smooth transaction.

Why not work your listing from both ends?

Sellers Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Many Rhode Island home sellers will have a pre-listing inspection done by me. This inspection is virtually the same as the buyers inspection, and is a valuable tool in correctly pricing the home. I can help you decide an appropriate course of action. But most importantly you can handle any items on your schedule and not be surprised by findings from your buyers home inspect

You, the REALTOR  have a couple benefits.

  • I will take photos and e-mail them to you, they may be used in online listings etc…
  • The sale is much more likely to go smoothly because we’ve addressed the issues first, rather than being hit with little time to react.
  • The number one real estate transaction hiccup or “deal killer” is undiscloded defects. If I find them and put all the info out there on the table, no surprises.

There are several ways this is very beneficial for you, the seller.

  • You can address items that need repair. you can either fix items or have the time to get estimates with notice and not be gouged on price to repair because you need it done in the tight time frame of your real estate closing.
  • On larger items, it may be beneficial to just disclose the item, that way you have options, the buyer already knows about it and is less likely to ask for a consideration, as the home is being sold with a known issue. or put the funds to repair it in escrow with the transaction and handle it that way.
  • Your home will be ready for the inspection, I’ll let you know what to do to make it easier (put new light bulbs in so you don’t have a discrepancy for a bad light)
  • I will provide you with repair guidance and a vendor list of my trusted vendors who will address any issues you have with the utmost care and professionalism.
  • I will answer my phone for issues regarding your inspection response.
  • Your buyers inspection is much less likely to have surprises.
  • You become a client for life!


Buyers Rhode Island Home Inspection

A Rhode Island home inspection is a thorough detailed visual inspection of all systems of the property from exterior, grounds, roof, through major plumbing and heating systems, as well as interior areas of the premises. I provide detailed home inspection reports including pictures to give you all information you’ll need to make an informed purchase decision. My reports are electronically sent directly to you the same day! Pricing for this home inspection starts at $300.

Buyers inspections benefits:

  • You are informed about the purchase home, and the condition it’s in.
  • I will inform you about maintenance issues in the home, as well as defects.
  • I will provide you access to my trusted vendor list for repairs and services you may need as a new home owner.
  • Your report, given to you the same day, leaves time for reaction to the inspection in the contingency period.
  • You will not buy a home and be surprised by unexpected defects needing immediate attention or costing large sums of money to remedy.

Re-Inspection for buyers

I can return and check that the seller, prior to the sale, addressed items properly. Price will vary depending on the scope and location.


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