I’ve partnered with the folks at RecallChek to bring you a unique service. I provide you with a free RecallChek with each inspection, for my buyers.

What is RecallChek? This service provided lifetime monitoring for the appliances in your home. During my inspection I inspect and gather information on your appliances, and if there is a recall on any of them, you are notified and instructed on how to get your free repair. This is a continuous monitoring service, not just a one time check.

Did you know that hundreds of thousands of appliances are recalled annually for being a fire hazard?
This is a great way to protect your family.

What If I am getting new appliances, or my appliances are not in the home for the inspection?
No problem, you can add as many appliances as you like, forever. Here’s a quick video:

The RecallChek service applies only to residential, not commercial property.