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I’ve heard recently, by RI real estate agents things like:


  • the inspection doesn’t matter, the home is as is.
  • you don’t need a home inspection, the seller isn’t fixing anything
  • why get a home inspection the seller will not move on the price anyway
  • etc…


These statements are completely false!The purpose of my inspection and report (view a Sample)  is to inform the buyer by describing the condition of the property. This report is used so the buyer can make prudent, informed decisions about a large investment.


I understand that my reports are sometimes used for negotiations, but that is not why I write them.


If I inspect your new home and there are defects present, you then react to the information. So the seller will not make any concessions in price or make any repairs. OK, you still react to my report. Your reaction could be buy the house and budget for the repairs as well. Your reaction could be taking advantage of a 203K loan to finance repairs. Your reaction could be to walk away from the sale because the defects are very expensive or simply out of your budget to handle. Your reaction could be, simply buy the property. All these reactions are fine for certain circumstances.


If you skip the inspection or disregard it (why not read 50 pages of information you paid for is a mystery to me), you could get into trouble and fast.


Most middle class families use most or all of their liquid assets during a home purchase for the actual purchase, down payment, closing costs, and moving expenses. If you get in to your home and find out after you buy there is a need for a 9,000 repair (a roof, furnace, mold issue, or structural repair can cost that much and be hidden during your walk through) how do you come up with the funds?


Always inspect the home before you buy and choose a thorough inspector.

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