Are home inspections for your real estate transactions worth it? I say absolutely yes! Some people say, “Well, why spend $300+ on a home inspection when all you guys do is cover your butt with items that are outside your scope?”


OK, lets break it down.


First, who are all you guys? All who? Home Inspectors? All home inspectors are not created equally. Look at my reports. They are detailed and point out factual defects. They also give recommendations on homer maintenance. I’m not afraid to write in a defect for fear of legal actions, because I know my job. I look everywhere I can, and take the proper time to evaluate your home. I give you information that many home inspectors don’t. So don’t tell me about all of us, I’m only concerned about MY home inspections.


Sure some items are outside the scope of my inspection. Some areas are simply inaccessible. But don’t confuse an inspector hiding behind a minimum standard with an inspector not risking his life for a few hundred bucks. Some inspectors may never even consider going on a roof. OK, if they tell you up front that’s what you’re getting, fine. Others will not comment on a chimney defect because they are not experts on chimneys. Hire a guy who will actually inspect, not just look around. Know the scope and limitations up front. Am I a licensed chimney technician, no, but if the lining looks bad, it’s still my due diligence to tell you I think its bad.


Last, what is “worth it”? There is a value to a quality home inspection weather it is for a seller or a buyer.


For the buyer, If I find a defect that another guy missed, and it causes you to have the seller repair it or concede a fee in the sale, many times it alone covers my fee.


For thee seller, if I fend a defect that you disclose to the buyer, they won’t ask you to lower the price because of it and you’ll have saved my fee. If you repair it, and have time to price shop a bit you’re less likely to be gouged on the price, again my inspection fee recuperated.


The bottom line is IF you hire a good home inspector, the fee is always worth the benefit of having the knowledge to make good, informed decisions.


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